3DTS with Dougie Lampkin

Published : 04/19/2019 14:31:18
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Dougie Lampkin


One of Dougie Lampkin's main objectives each year is to win the Scottish Six Days Trial. His SSDT stats are impressive: 12 wins and unbeaten since 2012. Dougie is a winning machine and he follows a solid training regime in preparation for the SSDT. The 3 day trial in Santigosa - 3DTS - is a yearly benchmark in his program as the event takes place just 3 weeks before the start of the SSDT. Basically, if you're good at the 3DTS, you should be fine at the SSDT. If not, there's still a few weeks to make some final adjustments. Following in Dougie's footsteps at the 3DTS also allowed us to give you an all-access visit to Vertigo Motors (more on that in a different blog post).

Dougie riding at Taradell

Dougie was testing his new bike for the 3DTS and SSDT at the well know trials area in Taradell. All the best in the World ride here regularly.

Vertigo Combat RR

Dougie's Vertical R 2019.

Vertigo front building

Vertigo's HQ is located in Palau Solità i Plegamans, about 1h North of Barcelona. 

Vertical 2019

Vertigo's Vertical 2019 bikes waiting to get boxed up for shipment.

Working on the Vertical R

Frame preparation for the Vertical R 2019.

A look at the Vertigo factory

A look at the shipping departement where bikes are awaiting their new owners.

Dougie's SSDT bikes

Dougie has won the last 4 SSDT's on a Vertigo. Can he make it 5 in a row?

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