TRS Factory Visit

Published : 01/07/2019 09:34:29
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TRRS Factory Visit


Founded in 2013, TRS is a young company in full expansion with seven times trials World champion Jordi Tarres being one of the driving forces. Since the launch of the first TRS One motorcycle in 2015, the brand has grown rapidly and there are quite a few models available now in its range. We headed to the small town of Sant Pedor near Barcelona for a sneek-peak behind the scenes of TRS, in order to find out what it takes to build a trials motorcycle.

TRRS Factory Visit

Sticker duties

TRRS Factory Visit

Radiators ready for assembly

TRRS Factory Visit

Raga Racing 2019 frames

Raga Racing 2019 almost ready

Bikes made ready for shipment

There's quite a lot of different stages before a bike is ready

Engine anyone?

Handlebars being prepared for assembly

Each engine is carefully assembled

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