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Published : 03/15/2019 16:27:38
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Jan Peters TrialGP Pietramurata


When trials is life. We asked our video wizard Jan Peters, famous from "the adventures of Jan and Milky", to produce an insight to what his job at Jitsie is all about. From shooting social media content to training young talented riders, to competing in trials events all over the World and taking care of the Jitsie pro riders. Not your standard 9 to 5 job!

Jan Peters Pau Martinez TrialGP Pietramurata

Taking care of the Jitsie riders at major events is an important part of the job. Making sure they all wear the right gear can be challenging!

Jan Peters TrialGP 2018

In 2017 and 2018, Jitsie produced all the social media video content for our friends at Sport7. With the confidence of TrialGP promotor Jake Miller, the team put in a massive effort to connect trials riders all over the World with the best riders in the sport.

Jan Peters camera equipment

Tools of the trade. Thanks to our friends from GoPro for all their support.

Jan Peters Saint Pantaleon les Vignes

Riding trials on a bike you like is still one the coolest things to do. Jan loves trials.

Jan Peters Saint Pantaleon les Vignes

Jan is still a fierce competitor. He finished 5th in the '18 German championship even though he missed two rounds as they clashed with the Scott trial.

Jan Peters Canada

Jan competes at major trials events all over the World. Here he is in Canada back in September 2018. Did you see the Vlog on the Canada trip?

Jan Peters Indoor

Everyone smiles in front of the camera :)

Jan Peters SSDT

Jan in action at the 2018' SSDT. One part of the Jan's job is to share his trials experience with riders all over the World.

Did you know Jitsie produced all the social media video content for the Honda Repsol team and Montesa at the TrialGP series in 2018? Here's one of the cool videos that never got released...until now!

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