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  • Obviously t-shirt
    Published : 10/28/2019 17:24:45 | Categories : Product Features

    All of us live and breathe 100% trials. That applies even more to Richard who is one of our sales guys here at Jitsie. Born and raised in the World famous trials town of Silsden, Richard is more than

  • Army green is Benoit's choice
    Published : 03/29/2019 23:36:59 | Categories : Product Features

    Mix and match. 2 pants, 9 jerseys. Benoit Dagnicourt goes for the army green color combo with matching HT2 helmet.

  • 24
    Published : 03/21/2019 14:57:33 | Categories : Product Features

    Taking it from the sections into the streets. The all new Jitsie Varial 24" Hybrid bike is a lightweight versatile trials bike ready to conquer any obstacle in your way!

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