Introducing the new Air4CE trials shoe

The Jitsie Air4ce shoe combines cutting-edge design and technically advanced materials to make it best-in-class for performance, comfort, support and durability. Developed in close collaboration with the Jitsie factory team riders, the Air4ce shoe adds confidence when it comes to interacting with the bike while pushing your limits.

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Breathable and durable upper constructed with mesh and microfiber material


Strong laces for a tight fit and a velcro closure tab to keep them together.


Asymmetrical ankle construction for maximum protection and added grip against the cranks


Full heel-to-toe rubber sole construction is much more durable than traditional glued on soles.


Super tacky rubber moulded outsole ensures the best grip on the pedals.


Outsole is super low on the pedal contact area for a direct feel with the bike.

Here's what our Factory team riders think

Alejandro Montalvo

"The ideal combination between low weight, durability and

Adam Morewood

"The perfect shoe for comfort, grip and protecting your feet"