Jitsie sponsors professional and amateur riders in both moto and bike trials. 100% trials is what we are all about! As the 2024 season is approaching, we are on the lookout for riders who can represent Jitsie in a positive way. It is not just about winning (although that doesn’t hurt either) but it is about sharing your experiences of using Jitsie products with others and promoting the Jitsie brand in the best possible way.

As a Jitsie sponsored rider, we will require you to use and promote Jitsie products whenever possible across your social media accounts and on the podium or when media opportunities arise. Being active is the key!

Sponsorship requests will only be considered through the online application here on jitsie.com using the form below. The cut-off date for the 2024 season will be December 31st 2023. We will not accept any applications past the cut-off date.

What are the requirements to apply for sponsorship?

  1. You must be an active (moto, bike or electro) trials rider who rides competitions on a regular basis.
  2. Be a Club Jitsie member.
  3. Be active on social media and preferably have a good follower base. 
  4. Provide an action picture of you (showing Jitsie product(s) only helps your case).
  5. List a few of your major event results from 2022/2023 so we can verify them. If for some reason you don’t have any, please provide a valid reason.
  6. Let us know what bike you will (or would like to) ride next season as well as the events you intend to compete in.
  7. Share your expectations and goals for the upcoming season for us.

What if you get accepted for the Jitsie sponsorship program?

We will contact you via Email before January 31st 2024 to let you know if you have been accepted into the Jitsie sponsorship program. If your application was not accepted, we will also contact you to let you know the bad news.

If you receive a sponsorship offer, please read it carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll help you the best we can. If you agree to our terms and conditions, you can accept the sponsorship offer and become a Jitsie sponsored rider.