Jitsie is the leading brand in trials for apparel, parts and accessories. We are passionate about trials and our focus on all things trials is a clear choice we made on day one of the creation of the brand. We have and always will stay true to that vision. 


In the early 2000's, there wasn't really an aftermarket for trials products and finding or purchasing special parts for trials bikes was pretty much impossible. Jitsie is the brainchild from Jan Cardinaels who created the brand as part of a project in his graduation year at university in 2002. The task was to come up with a new product, create a brand name for it and to create a company that would handle the distribution of that product. The outcome of the project was the first ever Jitsie product: a pair of carbon fork protectors for a Showa front fork. Did you know Jitsie supplied the carbon fork protectors to the Montesa HRC team with World champion Dougie Lampkin? Those fork protectors were sold on the Jitsie website, which was quite a challenge to set up during the early days of e-commerce.  Here's a look at the very first Jitsie logo:


The question everyone keeps asking over and over again, so here's the official explanation about how the Jitsie name was created. The "J" comes from Jan's first name, whereas the "ITSIE" comes from the German word "Schatzi". Those words combined and slightly modified make up the word Jitsie. A short and easy to remember name with a nice ring to it. 


Right from the start of the Jitsie brand, it has been about having a fresh and unrestricted approach to developing products for trials. We've always pushed the boundaries in terms of design and innovation to create products that allow riders at any level to have more fun on their bike.


While Jitsie has its roots in motorcycle trials, we made the step towards bicycle trials in 2016 with the launch of the Jitsie Varial bike. Trials is trials, whether it involves an engine or not. And the real cool thing about trials is its power to influence a lot of other action sports, such as: extreme enduro, cyclocross, bmx, etc... Trials evolves continuously and so does the Jitsie brand.

Because we are so passionate about trials, you will find us at the major events across the globe. Our athletes put our products to the test in training and competition, and based on their advice and input we make improvements and release new products on a regular basis. Make sure to follow us on social media (@jitsietrials) and share photos and videos with us using #jitsie