Club Jitsie


Club Jitsie connects trials fans from all over the world within a unique community that enjoys access to exclusive products, services, content and experiences.

Priced at just €60 / £50 for annual membership, club members receive an exclusive Club Jitsie present, a personalised Jitsie sticker sheet and a unique membership card as part of the Club Jitsie welcome pack. This card unlocks a range of benefits, from collabs with big name partner brands to exclusive access to Jitsie hospitality and members-only support services at selected trials events including the famous Scottish Six Days Trial and the 4 Jours de la Creuse.

Club Jitsie members have unrestricted access to Jitsie’s vast video vault and its huge archive of trials footage, plus regular exclusive trials documentaries about interesting people and stories inside our sport.

Club Jitsie membership also includes access to some exclusive tutorials to help you improve your riding skills and to get the most from your bike with tips on set-up and maintenance. Benefit from the specific ‘Fit for Trials’ exercise plans delivered by sports performance coach Diebrecht Van Briel from Dpointgym and watch all episodes of ‘Master Tips’ with Dougie Lampkin and other trials experts.

And that is not all. Club Jitsie focusses on producing exclusive live coverage of major trials events including the World famous Scottish Six Days Trial, the Scott trial and other major events whenever possible.

Among the many benefits, Club Jitsie members are able to buy exclusive Club Jitsie apparel, casual wear and parts. Whether it is a kit to celebrate your sponsors, a unique hoodie, a set of laser-etched master cylinder covers or a bespoke sticker set, as a Club Jitsie member you can have Jitsie products, your way.

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Club Jitsie Membership

€60 / £50

1 Year Membership

  • Welcome pack with exclusive Club Jitsie gift, membership card and personalised sticker sheet
  • Personal Club Jitsie membership card unlocking a huge range of benefits at events
  • Exclusive access to live coverage of major trials events around the world
  • Full access to the Jitsie video archives with hours of trials action
  • Exclusive personalisation options on a range of Jitsie products
  • Offers and deals from big name partner brands
  • and last but not least...each welcome pack includes a promo code for a 10% discount valid on 1 order