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  • 2021 TrialGP Round 1 Italy
    Publicado : 12/06/2021 09:18:57 | Categorías :

    Buongiorno Tolmezzo! Welcome to the opening round of the 2021 TrialGP series in Tolmezzo, Italy. Hear from the Jitsie team riders and experience the great vibe in the paddock. Great to be back at it!

  • Master Tip #32 Let's talk bike setup
    Publicado : 05/06/2021 13:52:49 | Categorías : , Master Tips

    Bike setup is crucial, no matter what level you have. In this Jitsie Master Tip tutorial, we'll talk handlebar position, lever play, suspension, footpegs, chain tension and so much more.

  • Master Tip #31 Uphill/Downhill
    Publicado : 29/05/2021 09:22:59 | Categorías : , Master Tips

    What goes up, must come down. In this Jitsie Master Tip tutorial, we'll cover anything from riding up and down bankings to more advanced stuff like steep hills with steps and roots.

  • Master Tip #30 360° Front Wheel Flick Turn
    Publicado : 22/05/2021 13:26:30 | Categorías : Master Tips

    Time for a super cool freestyle trick - the 360° front wheel flick turn. This move is not easy at all to master and will require a lot of practice. On the upside, when you get it, it looks super cool!

  • What's inside a top minders' back pack?
    Publicado : 14/05/2021 22:06:43 | Categorías :

    Ever wondered what a top minder actually carries around in their back pack during a trial? Well we sure did so we asked Suca, Pau Martinez' minder, to unpack his back pack and show us what's inside.

  • Bike check - Pau Martinez Factory Vertigo R3
    Publicado : 01/05/2021 10:42:50 | Categorías :

    Hours and hours go into making a factory bike. Every detail matters. At the opening round of the Spanish championship in Arteixo, we took a close look at Pau's factory Vertigo R3. Stunning!

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